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On the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, register to vote TODAY!!

The Voting Rights Act, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on August 6th 1965, aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote as guaranteed under the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Voting ... Read more

Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!

-- Frederick Douglass Portland is the fever, the sickness is totalitarianism, Trump wants to spread it to Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle, LA, New York, and anyplace that apposes him. There is an outrage building in the United States, an outrage against an administration that repeatedly and bla... Read more

We are teetering on dictatorship!

Today, Monday, June 1st, 2020, the President of the United States declared war on the American people by calling the United States Military into America's cities. Let us resist peacefully to restore democracy. We are all ANTIFA now. Read more

Mass. Pirate News: Covid-19 – Ways you can help fight it

Massachusetts Pirate Party's Quartermaster Joe and Captain James talk about the Covid-19 pandemic and the resources they have found that people can use to fight the pandemic. Check out their resources page. Read more

First they came for an iPhone 5c

Posting here and at & The FBI got a judge to order Apple to create a custom iOS version so they can decrypt the work iPhone 5c of Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters. They want Apple to push out a custom version that will disable the delays between wro... Read more

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Free USPP Book: No Safe Harbor

Free USPP Book: No Safe Harbor

IRC Meetings

The US Pirate Party holds monthly planning meeting over IRC, with dates announced a week in advance.

To participate in the meetings:

  • Go to
  • Fill out the web form with the Nickname of your choice and enter #uspp in the Channel box next to it, then click the Connect button
  • Start typing and reading

You can also connect via your IRC client at one of the servers listed at

It is also recommended that you register your nick.