US Pirate Party Statement on the missile launch against Syria.

On President Donald Trump’s orders, US warships launched between 50-60 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian government air base.

The US Pirate Party strongly condemns these attacks, and urge the Executive Branch and Congress to end all US intervention in Syria. We further urge all democratically and justice minded people contact the same and demand an immediate end to hostilities.

The video of an alleged sarin attack was released Less than 48 hours ago. How is it possible to ascertain what is real and what is not in such a short period of time? When potentially innocent lives hang in the balance, far more discretion is demanded.

There was not a congressional vote to go to war. That makes this action unconstitutional: The expanded presidential powers Trump inherited from Obama are not constitutional. This action is also illegal under international law.

Pirates value the imperative of local sovereignty and democracy over imperialist intervention. We value transparency and deliberation before action. We believe whatever the crime one is accused of, a fair and thorough investigation is warranted before the use of force. For this and for the basic inhumanity of waging unprovoked war, the Pirates of the United States stand in opposition to this illegal, immoral, imperialist action.


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  1. Kyle Smitz said on

    I support the pirate party but there are objectively not true statements in this position. As an example, the Constitutional Authority comes from the authorization of military action against all terrorist organizations around the world. Al Qaeda is operating and at war in Syria, therefore we have constitutional authorization from Congress to take military action in Syria. We have a defense agreement with Iraq, as part of our troop withdraw. Iraq has requested American assistance in fighting terrorists in Syria. So under international law, we have the right to strike Syria in defense of our ally, Iraq. Once you’ve cleared that bar, you only have to avoid committing war crimes.

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